Facing West: Russian Forces Facing NATO in the Baltics PART I: Russian Ground/Land Forces

31 August 2016 – Ottawa, CA by Rob O’Gorman, CD As mentioned in an earlier article, the Russian forces facing the Baltic States (incl those NATO forces deployed) are considerable.  Russian ground forces in the immediate region operate largely within the Western Military District/Joint Strategic Command (MD/JSC).  Unique to this MD/JSC is the Kaliningrad Special…


What Happened in Turkey

25 July 2016, Kingston, CA by Chris Murray The world was caught surprised by the attempted coup in Turkey. While Turkey has had relatively frequent interaction with coups since the 1960’s the events of this past weekend were surprising for a number of reasons. Although probably found elsewhere a brief bit of history concerning the relationship between…


The ‘Best For The Best’ – Reflections On The Canadian Army’s Initial NATO Deployment to Latvia

16 July 2016 – Ottawa, CA by Rob O’Gorman What nature of ground force should Canada deploy to Latvia?  Though publicly available numbers differ, it will likely be a reinforced Army infantry battalion (ie. Battle-Group) of approximately 1,000 personnel.[1]  Though the mission of this organization will likely be multi-faceted, its primary role would be to…

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