Shift in Russia’s South Asia Policy: Risks and Implications

23 December 2016 – Jaipur, India by Professor B.M. Jain Russia’s foreign policy under the Putin leadership has undergone a major transformation since Russia’s annexation of Crimea from Ukraine in 2014. The United States and EU imposed an array of sanctions against Russia, undermining its economic, trade and investment interests across the global market. Psychologically…


What is behind the Taliban’s Resurgence?

20 April 2016- Vancouver, CA by Stewart Webb Yesterday, an attack involving a suicided bomber in a car (SVBIED) and gun assault targeted the headquarters of Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS). It has been a some time since the world’s attention has been focused on Afghanistan as it has been with these events. The Taliban claimed responsibility…


DTCA Cometh

21 March 2016, Kingston, CA *Updated 23 March 2016 – At the time of publishing, Dr Alex Zelinsky was unavailable for comment -that has since changed. by Chris Murray When Defence Report published an article entitled The Aussie Defence FUBAR, it hit a nerve Down Under. Since the publication of that article DefRep has been inundated…


The Aussie Defence FUBAR

25 February 2016, Kingston, CA by Chris Murray In January of 2015 Defence Report raised a flag of concern in an article concerning a new piece of Australian legislation, the Defence Trade Controls Act (DTCA). In Australia’s Defence Trade Control Act Clamps Down on Researchers, Defence Report’s Mark Collinson wrote on the problematic nature of this legislation…


Book Watch: India in New South Asia: Strategic, Military and Economic Concerns in the Age of Nuclear Diplomacy

Review by Stewart Webb 22 February 2016 – Vancouver, CA India in New South Asia: Strategic, Military and Economic Concerns in the Age of Nuclear Diplomacy By B.M. Jain, I.B. Tauris, 2010, USD 99.00, GBP 59.00 ISBN: 9781848851382 It was recently revealed that the United States is in negotiations with India over the sharing of…


DefRep Analysis: Russia looks to improve soft security underbelly that is Central Asia

19 January 2015 – Kingston, CA by Chris Murray On 24 November 2014 a new Abkhaz-Russian treaty was signed with little mainstream media attention in the West. The ‘Alliance and Strategic Partnership’ treaty signed between Russia and largely unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia has been the source of controversy and demonstrates the divide between The Russian…

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