Assad must create “Srebrenica” genocide for West to help Syria

London, UK – 16 August 2012 By Marion Ghibaudo Syria’s rebel fighters can not expect assistance in the form of armed intervention from an outside coalition involving the US and European partners unless civilian casualty counts increase significantly or Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal is compromised. Joseph Holliday, a senior analyst at the Institute for the…


DefRep weekly recap: David Axe on Korea, the Flame virus and Assad’s latest victims

London, UK – 1 June 2012 DefenceReport staff take on this week’s biggest special operations controversy – defence blogger David Axe’s reporting on a Spec Ops commander’s blunder over US troop proximity to North Korea. After being dumped by Asia-Pac news site The Diplomat for correctly recounting Brigadier General Neil Tolley’s verbal follies (announcing that the US…

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