Wires Brief


Wires Brief: Pakistan has low-yield nuclear weapons, Canada to call back CF-18s, Russia expands military bases in Arctic

22 October 2015 – Vancouver, CA United Kingdom British industry is now warning that the country’s national security will be at risk if there are any delays to replacing the Vanguard-class submarine fleet, reports the Telegraph. The Successor programme is estimated to cost between GBP 11 and 14 billion and has yet to receive the…


Wires Brief: Taliban on offensive, Russian airstrikes in Syria, US-Canadian joint force being pondered

30 September 2015 – Vancouver, CA United Kingdom Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has refused to say if he supports military action in Syria, reports Bloomberg. in New York, Prime Minister David Cameron stated that he supports Bashar al-Assad to remain president in a transitional government. Europe Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko mocked Russia’s call for a…


Wires Brief: MoD unveils mental illness stats, NATO halves Baltic air mission, Power struggle within Taliban and Afghan government starting

5 August 2015 – London, UK   Digital wires United Kingdom DefRep’s recent discovery of an FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request filled by the UK MoD has revealed the number of lost work days of uniformed military personnel from 2010 through 2014. The numbers show a marginal decline in ‘sick days’ taken for reasons…


Wires Brief: Russia opens up AA missile sales, ISIS launches successful counter-offensive, F-35’s limited ground support abilities

United Kingdom RAF Typhoons were deployed as Russian aircraft approached British airspace. This occurred as Britain hosts a NATO exercise in northern Scotland that will involve approximately 50 warships. Europe New fighting in Ukraine threatens the uneasy truce. Six Ukrainian soldiers died in heavy shelling on the outskirts of Donetsk, reports AP. A Russian journalist…

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