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DefenceReport started in 2010. What we all discovered was that too much of defence and frontline news was not getting the in-depth analysis it could, and that the kind of stories we felt mattered weren’t getting air time. We started small, carrying out our own investigations and moving on to analysis pieces.

And we carry on with that same mission today. However, we have moved from journalism to analysis. As DefenceReport grew in notoriety, it attracted unique, engaging analysts. What separates DefenceReport from other defence media groups is that we want to provide unique analysis and not only engage with policy-makers and academics, but also the public. We continue to accomplish this with our analysts writing academic peer-reviewed papers, and working with think tanks on various policy papers. This is what raises DefenceReport above our competitors and why we have been interviewed by various international media organizations on numerous occasions. In fact, our expertise has been sought out by al-Jazeera, CTV and al-Arabiya (to name a few). And when we get interviewed, we endeavour to bring more information and backstory to our interviews than the usual talking heads. We invite you to check out our Media Limelight section, where we post these interviews to see for yourself.

We love our work and take pride in the finished product. But how could we not? Whether it is a post on the DefenceReport website, a live TV interview on an international or national network, on the radio, a podcast, academic paper or book – we know we are being paid attention to and making a difference.

We are moving towards providing advertising space to those who are interested, willing to bring on new staff or even the odd piece from a concerned professional. We endeavour to expand and make a larger impact.


Stewart Webb – Editor



Our staff

Stewart Webb – Senior Analyst & Editor

Stewart is the editor for DefenceReport. Stewart holds an MScEcon in Security Studies from Aberystwyth University and holds a BA in Political Science from Acadia University. His specialities include terrorism and insurgencies and Canadian defence procurement issues. He has made frequent appearances on CTV National News, and other Canadian media outlets both radio and TV and has been involved in several book projects, including Insurgency and Counterinsurgency in Modern War (2015) and The Palgrave Handbook for Global Counterterrorism Policy (2017). Stewart can be contacted at [email protected]


Dr. Chris Murray – Senior Analyst & Associate Editor

Chris holds a PhD is Defence Studies from King’s College London, an MA in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada, as well as both an Ba in Anthropology and an HBa in History from Lakehead University. He specialises in irregular conflicts, guerrilla insurgencies, and asymmetrical warfare. His areas of focus include the Caucasus, and Eastern Europe, but are primarily aimed at the Balkans. Chris has served as an advisor and analyst to the office of a Member of Canada’s federal Parliament. He recently finished editing Unknown Conflicts of the Second World War, which was published in 2019. Chris can be contacted as [email protected]


Staff Analysts

David is an analyst with DefenceReport. He served as a city councillor on the City of York Council, and has worked as a volunteer in the campaign offices of Secretary of State John Kerry in Boston, and Andy Slaughter MP in London. He holds an MA(Res) in Democracy and Elections from the University of Manchester, a BA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the same institution, and a PGCE in Secondary History from Aberystwyth University. His specialist areas include US Government and Politics.