30 November 2017 -Trivento, Italy

by Scott Nicholas Romaniuk

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The United States, like many countries, has been grappling with the lessons learned from its operations and campaigns. Some lessons are hard fought and won; others are forgotten and cause failures later on. Romaniuk examines the three levels of warfare: tactical, operational and strategic and comes to grips with some of the nuances of the post-9/11 operations, including Operation Iraqi Freedom and the subsequent rise of ISIS.


Feature photo / “3D Chess” – Max Pixel, 2017

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By Scott Nicholas Romaniuk

Dr. Scott N. Romaniuk received his PhD in International Studies from the University of Trento. He holds an MRes in Political Research, an MA in Terrorism, Crime and Global Security, and an MA in Military Studies (Joint Warfare). His research focuses on asymmetric warfare, terrorism and counterterrorism, international security, and the use of force.