We are on holiday break until 4 January

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Dear all,

From all of us at DefenceReport – we wish you the best during the holiday season. Many pints, bottles of wine and whiskey will be consumed but done so responsibly (which means we just don’t drive and not the amount of intake).

We will be back in 2019 with a lot of new reports, some minor changes to DefenceReport, and but overall renewed vigour. 2019 looks to be quite the exciting year. Personally, I am taking time to work on three book projects and two academic papers – amongst other projects. Chris Murray has his first book coming out in 2019. Robert Grayston is doing a fantastic job with the weekly Wires Brief and seeking out new ideas and additions to our staff. Chris Leo diligently is tracking down advertising partnerships.

Although we are on break -keep an eye on the website, as we will be posting any interviews that are asked of us.

Best wishes you to all.

From us at DefenceReport,

Stewart Webb

Chris Murray

Robert Grayston

Chris Leo