DefenceReport has been quiet recently and that is not because we are stricken by COVID-19, but because other projects are taking some time and just other time-consuming complications due to the pandemic. Regardless, the COVID-19 crisis has affected us all. Many of us are isolated in their homes and some are still valiantly on the front lines trying to offer support in their own Herculean ways.

There is another group of brave individuals that suffer the same, except their ghosts haunt them – Veterans and former frontline emergency service members. Now for months, DefenceReport has supported V2V Brewing by offering free ad space (see right) and whatever other support we can to aid their endeavours to support veterans and former frontline emergency staff through the charities that they support.

Spinnakers and Victoria Caledonian Distillery & Twa Dogs Brewery supported them by making their beer for a bit. Recently, V2V was able to take over the brewpub space of Axe & Barrel Brewing in Langford, British Columbia, Canada. Well done to them! However, it could not have come at the worst time – COVID-19. They have been offering a drive-thru service, but it is not what they need – they need people in their pub, kegs being delivered to other pubs and restaurants and people to buy their product at liquor stores. Because of COVID-19 people have been doing the weekly or bi-weekly stock ups, however, many are buying 15-24 packs of non-craft beer. They need the normalcy of regular life.

So with a heavy heart, they are reaching out to the public for support through GoFundMe. At the moment, they are unable to receive Canadian business subsidies because they are a new business and ineligible of current support. We are simply asking you all to help support a new business, that provides not only great beer but also support to the frontline heroes, abroad and domestic, who really need it.

We implore you to donate to their GoFundMe page, share this article or the GoFundMe page itself.


By Stewart Webb

The editor of DefenceReport and Senior Analyst, Stewart Webb holds a MScEcon in Security Studies from Aberystwyth University and a BA in Political Science from Acadia University. A frequent guest on defence issues for CTV National News, and other Canadian media outlets, his specialities include commentary on terrorist/insurgent activity and Canadian defence issues. Stewart can be contacted at: [email protected]