Book Watch: Air Power in UN Operations: Wings for Peace edited by Professor Walter Dorn

UN C-130 food delivery, Sudan

Review by Stewart Webb 7 August 2014 – Vancouver, CA Air Power in UN Operations: Wings for Peace Edited by A. Walter Dorn; Ashgate Publishing, 2014 The United Nations Department More...

RAF Honour guard

UK contemplates government benefits for British veterans

London, UK – 10 May 2013 By Mark Collinson British veterans’ benefits initiatives look to government for leadership and funding  Since the announcement of UK defence More...

British Army Reserves price tag would hit small and mid sized businesses hardest

Edinburgh, UK – 15 November 2012 By Fiona Pringle Businesses take the hit as UK MoD rolls out new Army Reserves The UK Ministry of Defence’s restructuring of the British More...

The Weekly Recap: Anonymous No Longer

24 November 2014 – Savonlinna, Finland by Timo Mustonen Earlier this month the reveal of over 400 sites being seized More...

The Weekly Recap: Russia-Ukraine teetering on the edge

Ukrainian officer gives orders

15 November 2014 – Kingston, CA This past week has seen an increase in activity along Ukraine’s eastern More...

NASA panorama over europe US budget cuts threaten secret counter-terror satellites

24 July 2013 By David Axe A Pentagon fiscal management failure The U.S. Air Force is...

Fire Scout copy Navy’s Fire Scout UAV compromises BAE’s precision weapons upgrade

Edinburgh, UK – 12 October 2012 By Fiona Pringle Fire Scout UAV problems mark poor start...

F-35B UK’s delayed decision on F-35 purchase may be too little, too late

London, UK – 7 April 2012 By Robert Densmore F-35 STOVL choice for Great Britain comes...

The Weekly Recap: Order from Chaos – Co-opting irregular movements

24 October 2014 – Kingston, CA by Chris Murray History holds no shortage of examples of states arming More...

The Weekly Recap: Let’s Continue to Underestimate ISIS

18 October 2014 – Vancouver, CA by Scott Nicholas Romaniuk and Stewart Webb President Obama’s 2009 Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO), a..

Saudi Arabia’s battle against extremism fueled by US disengagement

London, UK – 4 August 2014 by Caroline Brown The recent events in Iraq with the reemergence of the Islamic State of..

The Weekly Recap: Kashmir conflict flares up again

Indian Army Elite 9 Para Commandos conducting CT ops in Kashmir

10 October 2014 – Savonlinna, Finland by Timo Mustonen This Monday saw the most bloody day in over a More...

No policy firewall means continued open season for cyber incursions

London, UK – 23 September 2013 by Mark Collinson Cyber experts believe that a clear definition of what contributes a “legitimate..

India held captive by Russia in FGFA strike fighter race

London, UK – 17 January 2013 By Tanvi Mishra FGFA delay reveals Indian dependence on Russian aerospace Even as Russian President..
Sukhoi on runway

Russia’s next generation stealth UCAVs loom large

Ottawa, CA – 22 October 2013 by Stewart Webb Russia has embarked on an ambitious military modernisation programme with a quarter..
Special Forces Support Group Inaugural Parade at RAF St Athan, Wales on Thursday 11th May 2006.

Special Forces needs to change how it recruits

3 June 2014 – London, UK by Caroline Brown and Stewart Webb President Obama announced the American government has allotted USD..

Chinese carrier Liaoning is not a threat, says US Navy

Ottawa, CA – 11 January 2013 By Stewart Webb Navy not concerned over China’s Liaoning carrier after J-15 flight test Anonymous sources..