12 November 2015 – Durham, NC



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United Kingdom

Infamous ‘Soldier J‘ was released on bail by authorities in Belfast yesterday following his arrest over the wrongful shooting death of 13 killed on Bloody Sunday in 1972. His testimony is said to be crucial to uncovering the details of the shootings, but seven of his Parachute Regiment squadron mates are taking legal action against the arresting authority, the Police Service of Northern Ireland.

The UK has finally released a ‘list of demands‘ to the European Union spelling out reforms the 28 member union must make if the UK is to remain a member. David Cameron released the list this week and it is the first of its kind since David Cameron took a more critical perspective on the organisation.


A report released by Frontex this week has revealed that a staggering 1.2 million ‘irregular’ migrants have entered the EU from January through October 2015. Frontext, the organisation’s border security unit, said this number quadruples the number of migrants seen in 2014. Immigration patterns across Europe have changed as a result of anarchy in Iraq and Syria – and have produced right wing responses across Europe, including in Sweden and in Germany.


American “intelligence, military and national security officials” have stated that the cause of mishap aboard Russia’s Metrojet Flight 9268 is very likely due to an explosive device on board the airliner. The plane went down shortly after takeoff on 31 October as it was departing Sharm el-Sheikh. Egypt’s IS affiliate has claimed responsibility for the attack. Official results from the crash investigation are pending.

North America

US air strikes are assisting the largest offensive yet to be launched by Iraqi Kurds against IS. The focal point of the attack is Sinjar which links Raqqa with Mosul.


Egypt has accused western media of reporting unsubstantiated ‘conspiracy theories‘ behind the crash of Russia’s Metrojet Flight 9268. Authorities attest western governments are using the claims to restrict tourist access to Egypt out of antipathy towards President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi.

Middle East

Some 37 were killed and 181 wounded in two suicide attacks in southern Beirut on Thursday. IS has claimed responsibility for the attacks. Experts say the blasts may have been targeting Hezbollah strongholds. Lebanon has reported increasing security concerns since the escalation of Syria’s civil war.

Turkish authorities have detained 18 suspected Al Qaeda operatives whom they accuse of recruiting fighters on behalf of Nusra Front. The announcement comes days before the start of the G20 Summit, to be held in Antalya from 15 to 16 November.


Maldives authorities have lifted a state of emergency, declared after an assassination attempt on its President, Abdulla Yameen. Vice President Ahmed Adeeb is being investigated in the allegations; he was impeached earlier this month.

Thousands of demonstrators took to the streets of Kabul on Wednesday in the wake of bloody executions committed by IS in the country. The seven civilians were reportedly of the ethnic Hazara group. IS poses a new challenge to Afghanistan, who has seen recent re-commitment of combat personnel from several former Isaf partners, including the United States.




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Reports compiled by  Robert Densmore


Feature photo / “British Army regiment, Northern Ireland” – Wikipedia

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By Robert Densmore

Robert is a former US Naval Flight Officer and frontline journalist. He specialises in aerospace technology, drone warfare, military ethics, just war theory and combat related mental health.